(Ua) м.Львів, вул. Дорошенка, 15

(Ua) (098) 303 03 43

(Ua) 10:00-21:00

(Ua) м.Львів, пл. Князя Святослава, 5

(Ua) (098) 303 03 43

(Ua) 09:00-20:00


There are several possible options:

  1. Drive along Bankivska Street, turn left and stand in the oncoming lane. There is only a tram every 10-15 minutes. If you warn us in advance, we will take the bouquet directly to the car and it will take a maximum of 30 seconds.
  2. Drive along Doroshenko Street and after the shops of Monaco and Prostor turn right into the alley. You press a button near the gate and the guard lets you into the courtyard. We have an agreement, so you can safely leave the car for up to 30 minutes, visit the store and make a bouquet with a professional florist.
  3. There may also be a parking space on Bankivska Street.
  4. You can also find a place on Kosciuszko Street.
  5. There is always a paid parking space in front of the Main Post Office. The cost is UAH 15 per hour.
  6. Well, the last option is to park on Sichovykh Striltsiv Street.

And you can simplify your life and order flowers with delivery.
Within the city it costs 100 UAH, when ordering from 1500 UAH free shipping.

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